5th Huntsville GRB Symposium



The Symposium Program is now available.



The response to the Fifth Huntsville Gamma-Ray Burst Symposium has been very good. Over 220 contributions have been submitted. The Abstracts of all submissions are available below. The oral and poster constributions have been divided into five major sessions, listed below.

Orals are 10 minutes, with 2 minutes for questions. Invited talks are 30 minutes, with 5 minutes for questions.
Posters will be allocated a (1 x 1) m area.

Session G: Gamma-Ray Observations
Observations of GRBs at gamma-ray energies including temporal, spectral, spectral evolution, properties; other prompt emission at all wavelengths; global properties; statistics and distributions; observational biases.

19 October, Tuesday
Invited talks by G. Fishman, R. Preece

Session G Orals
Session GP Posters


Session A: Afterglow Observations
X-ray, optical, radio observations; SN observations related to GRBs; host observations; redshift measurements.

20 October, Wednesday
Invited talks by E. Costa, D. Frail, S. Kulkarni, T. Galama, A. Fruchter

Session A Orals
Session AP Posters


Session T: Theory
Emission mechanisms (prompt and afterglow); pregenitors; central engine models; hypernovae; HN/SN models; shocks; evolutionary models; cosmology and early star formation.

21 October, Thursday, and 22 October, Friday (morning)
Invited talks by R. Sari, C. Dermer, R. Chevalier on Thursday, and R. Wijers, S. Woosley, on Friday

Session T Orals
Session TP Posters


Session I: Instrumentation and Miscellaneous
Current and future instruments and missions; space-based and ground-based observational techniques; miscellaneous topics.

22 October, Friday (afternoon)
Invited talk by N. Gehrels

Session I Orals
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Session SGR: Soft Gamma Repeaters
Special SGR and Magnetar Workshop.

18 October, Monday
Invited talks by K. Hurley and R. Duncan

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Contributions by Name

A list of all contributions by author name. Includes both GRB Symposium and Magnetar Workshop submissions. Abstracts include a code number in the upper corner that designates the session to which an abstract is assigned. For example, an oral talk in the Gamma-Ray Observations session might be assigned the code G-01.


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