5th Huntsville GRB Symposium


Session A: Afterglow Observations

X-ray, optical, radio observations; SN observations related to GRBs; host observations; redshift measurements.


Invited Review Enrico Costa A-01
X-Ray Afterglow Sources from Gamma-Ray Bursts
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Atsumasa Yoshida A-02
Study of X-ray spectra of GRB afterglows with ASCA
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Luigi Piro A-03
Constraints to the nature of the central GRB engine from a comparative analysis of X-ray properties of afterglows
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John Heise A-04
Puzzling excess X-ray emission in the afterglow of the bright gamma-ray burst GRB990123
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Timothy Giblin A-05
Evidence for an Early High-Energy Afterglow Observed with BATSE from GRB980923
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Invited Review Galama T.J. A-06
Optical/multiwavelength Observations of GRB Afterglows
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Invited Review Dale A. Frail A-07
Radio Centimeter/Millimeter Observations of GRBs: The View from the Other End of the Spectrum
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Lazzati Davide A-08
The detection of linear polarization in the afterglow of GRB990510 and its theoretical implications.
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G. Grant Williams A-09
A Comparison Between LOTIS Upper Limits and the Prompt OT from GRB 990123
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Invited Review Shri Kulkarni A-10
Connections of GRBs with Other Astrophysical Objects
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Joshua Bloom A-11
GRBs & SNe: Investigation of GRB 980519 and GRB 980329
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Daniel E. Reichart A-12
The GRB/SN Connection: GRB 970228, GRB 990510, and GRBs as Beacons to Locate SN at High Redshifts
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Alberto Castro-Tirado A-13
Recent optical/IR GRB follow-up observations
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Stuart Marshall A-14
ROTSE: A search for prompt optical counterparts to GRBs.
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Invited Review Andrew Fruchter A-15
The Host Galaxies of Gamma-Ray Bursts
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Paul Vreeswijk A-16
VLT spectra of GRB990510 and GRB990712
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Bradley E. Schaefer A-17
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