5th Huntsville GRB Symposium


Session I: Instrumentation and Miscellaneous

Current and future instruments and missions; space-based and ground-based observational techniques; miscellaneous topics.


Invited Review Neil Gehrels I-01
Swift - A Panchromatic GRB MIDEX Mission
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George R. Ricker I-02
Rapid Localization of Gamma-ray Bursts (GRBs) with the International High Energy Transient Explorer (HETE--2)
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Soren Brandt I-03
Ballerina - A small Gamma Ray Burst Mission
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Scott D. Barthelmy I-04
GRB Coordinates Network (GCN): A Status Report
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Hye-Sook Park I-06
Super-LOTIS: Prompt GRB Optical Follow-up Experiment
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Rene Hudec I-08
What Have We Learned from Optical Detections of GRBs: Feasibility of Independent Optical Searches?
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Soren Brandt I-09
The INTEGRAL Burst Alert System
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Michel Boer I-10
Rapid observation of GRB sources by TAROT
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Alberto Castro-Tirado I-11
First results of BOOTES-1
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