5th Huntsville GRB Symposium


Posters SGRP: Soft Gamma Repeaters


Ersin Gogus SGRP-01
Statistical properties of SGR 1900+14 bursts
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Peter Woods SGRP-02
Variable Spin-down in the Soft Gamma Repeater SGR 1900+14 and Correlations with Burst Activity
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Alberto Castro-Tirado SGRP-03
ISO observation of the SGR 1814-14 field
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Alberto Castro-Tirado SGRP-04
Optical/IR observations of the SGR 1900+14 field in 1998
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Alberto Castro-Tirado SGRP-05
I-band imaging of the SGR 1627-41 error box following the SGR arctivity in June 1998
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Rick Balsano SGRP-06
Rapid Optical Followup Observations of SGRs with ROTSE-I
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Frederick J. Vrba SGRP-07
A Search for Photometric Variability of the M Supergiant Pair Near SGR 1900+14 During the 1998 Outburst Episode
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Sylvio Klose SGRP-08
NIR spectroscopic observations of the SGR 1900+14 M Stars
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In-Saeng Suh SGRP-09
Nuclear equation of state and internal structure of magnetars
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Denis Leahy SGRP-10
New QED calculations for processes in strong magnetic fields
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Dr. Stephen Hardy SGRP-11
Wave properties of photons in dense magnetized plasmas
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Christopher Thompson SGRP-12
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Kevin Hurley SGRP-13
Where is SGR1806-20?
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Laszlo Koertvelyessy SGRP-14
Electric Magnetars
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