Instructions for Authors



The proceedings of the Fifth Huntsville Gamma Ray Burst Symposium will be published by the American Institute of Physics (AIP).


Submission Format

The Symposium Proceedings will use the 6 x 9 inch single column format. Submissions must be supplied in LaTeX format only, with figures in encapsulated Postscript. Microsoft Word files will not be accepted. The LaTeX macros for formatting are available from the AIP ftp site. If you are unfamiliar with LaTeX, example files are also available on the AIP ftp server.

Manuscripts that fail to compile under LaTeX will not be processed, and will have to be corrected by the author and resubmitted. Please ensure that your manuscript is processed correctly by LaTeX, and that you include the definitions of any custom macros that you use.


Page Allocations

Page allocations must be stictly enforced. Contributed talks and poster presentations are allocated five (5) pages, including figures and references. Invited talks are allocated ten (10) pages.


Color Figures

Color figures in manuscripts are possible; you must check with AIP for the cost schedule. Upon publication of the proceedings, AIP will send you an invoice. Color figures can be converted to black/white at no extra cost. In that case, avoid references to color in the figure caption.


Submitting Manuscripts


You will be required to electronically submit your manuscript via ftp. E-mail manuscripts will not be accepted. We will be using a strict file naming convention for submissions, based on a unique identifier code for each manuscript. This is the same code used during the Symposium. For example, a contribution to the Gamma Ray Burst Session might have the code G-01. Please verify the appropriate code for your submission from the list of manuscript codes. Assuming the code is G-01, please name your files as follows:

LaTeX file G-01.tex
Postscript figures,, etc.
Encapsulated Postscript figures G-01-fig1.eps, G-01-fig2.eps, etc.

To submit a manuscript, upload your files to our ftp server. This is a write-only server; you will not be able to retrieve any files you upload. You will not be able to overwrite your files once you upload them. The steps to upload files are outlined below. Commands that you must type are shown in red.

Continuing with the example above, assume the manuscript to be submitted is contained in the file G-01.tex, with three Postscript figures: G-01-fig1.eps, G-01-fig2.eps, and G-01-fig3.eps. Log into the server and change directories first to the pub directory, then to the subdirectory that is named by your manuscript code.

    220 crazyhorse FTP server ready.
    Name (crazyhorse:user): 5hgrbs
    331 Password required for 5hgrbs.
    Password: Enter password here
    230-    U.S. GOVERNMENT COMPUTER SYSTEM                       
    230-    If not authorized to access this system, disconnect now.      
    230-    YOU SHOULD HAVE NO EXPECTATION OF PRIVACY.  By continuing,           
    230-    you consent to your keystrokes and data content being monitored.
    230-    5th Huntsville Symposium uploads: 
    230-     1. cd pub 
    230-     2. cd to your code directory
    230-     3. upload your manuscript files
    230 User 5hgrbs logged in.  Access restrictions apply.
    Remote system type is UNIX.
    Using binary mode to transfer files.
    ftp> cd pub 
    ftp> cd G-01 
    ftp> put G-01.tex  
    ftp> put  
    ftp> put  
    ftp> put  
    ftp> quit  
    221-Thank you for using the FTP service on crazyhorse.
    221 Goodbye.

You will be notified only if there are problems with your manuscript. If you have problems submitting your manuscript, please send email to the Proceedings Editors.


Copyright Forms

Copyright forms are available for download.

Please send signed copyright agreements and (optional) reprint order forms to the following address.

   R.M. Kippen
   SD 50
   NASA/Marshall Space Flight Center
   Huntsville, AL 35812


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