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Author: Dr. J. J. Brainerd (UAH) Date: March 31, 1998

Fourth Huntsville Gamma-Ray Burst Symposium


The GRB Coordinates Network (GCN): A Status Report
S. D. Barthelmy, P. Butterworth, T. L. Cline, N. Gehrels, F. Marshall, T. Takeshima, V. Connaughton, R. M. Kippen, C. Kouveliotou, and C. R. Robinson
BATSE GRB Location Errors
M. S. Briggs, G. N. Pendleton, J. J. Brainerd, V. Connaughton, R. M. Kippen, C. Meegan, and K. Hurley
Verifying the IPN Accuracy with the Bursting Pulsar and SGR 1806-20
K. Hurley, C. Kouveliotou, G. Fishman, C. Meegan, M. Briggs, T. Cline, J. Kommers, and M. Boer
Preliminary Spatial Analysis of Combined BATSE/Ulysses Gamma-Ray Burst Locations
R. Marc Kippen, Kevin Hurley, and Geoffrey N. Pendleton
The BATSE Rapid Burst Response System
R. M. Kippen, V. Connaughton, G. N. Pendleton, S. D. Barthelmy, P. Woods, M. S. Briggs, G. J. Fishman, C. Kouveliotou, C. R. Robinson, and C. A. Meegan
BeppoSAX/Ulysses Observations of Cosmic Gamma-Ray Bursts
K. Hurley, T. Cline, F. Frontera, E. Costa, L. Piro, M. Feroci, D. Dal Fiume, and M. Orlandini
Observing Strategies Using GCN
S. D. Barthelmy
The GCN Web Page for Real-Time GRB Information: Locations, Intensities, Fluences and Light Curves
S. D. Barthelmy and P. Butterworth
A Summary of Observations Made by the GRB Coordinates Network (GCN) Sites
S. D. Barthelmy, P. Butterworth, T. L. Cline, N. Gehrels
BATSE Sky Exposure
Jon Hakkila, Charles A. Meegan, Geoffrey N. Pendleton, William Henze, Michael McCollough, Jefferson M. Kommers, and Michael S. Briggs
The Two-Point Angular Correlation Function and BATSE Sky Exposure
Xiaoling Chen and Jon Hakkila
Geocenter Angle Distribution of the 4B Catalog
M. L. McCollough, C. A. Meegan, and G. N. Pendleton

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