Burst Localizations and Searches for Counterparts

Burst Localization

F. Hack, K. Hurley, J.-L. Atteia, C. Barat, M. Niel, T. Cline, B. Dennis, C. Kouveliotou, R. Klebesadel, J. Laros, V. Kurt, A. Kuznetsov, and V. Zenchenko:
Precise Localizations and Counterpart Searches of GRBs from the 2nd Interplanetary Network

K. Hurley, N. Lund, S. Brandt, A.J. Castro-Tirado, M. Sommer, I. Lapshov, J. Laros, R. Klebesadel, G. Fishman, C. Kouveliotou, C. Meegan, T. Cline, M. Boër, and M. Niel:
Comparison of WATCH and IPN Locations of Gamma-Ray Bursts

K. Hurley, M. Sommer, G. Fishman, C. Kouveliotou, C. Meegan, T. Cline, M. Boër, and M. Niel.:
Precise Triangulation of the Jan 31, 1993 (`Superbowl') Burst

T.L. Cline, K.C. Hurley, M. Sommer, M. Boër, M. Niel, G.J. Fishman, C. Kouveliotou, C.A. Meegan, W.S. Paciesas, R.B. Wilson, J.G. Laros, and R.W. Klebesadel:
Study of the Precision of the Gamma-Ray Burst Source Locations Obtained with the Ulysses/PVO/CGRO Network

R. Buccheri, M.C. Maccarone, J.R. Mattox, D.J. Thompson, G. Kanbach, U. Camerini, and W.F. Fry:
A Search for High Energy Gamma-Ray Bursts in the EGRET Data Utilizing Space-Time Correlations


B.E. Schaefer:
Search for Gamma Ray Burst Counterparts

Optical Counterparts

S.D. Barthelmy, D.M. Palmer, and B.E. Schaefer:
Rapid Optical Follow-Up Observations of Three Recent Gamma Ray Bursts

M. Boër, H. Pedersen, A. Smette, J. Fishman, C. Kouveliotou, and K. Hurley:
The ESO-Schmidt Survey of Gamma-Ray Bursts

J.T. Bonnell, J.P. Norris, S.D. Barthelmy, T.L. Cline, N. Gehrels, G.J. Fishman, C. Kouveliotou, and C.A. Meegan:
A Real-Time Search for Optical Counterparts to Gamma-Ray Bursts

A.J. Castro-Tirado, S. Brandt, N. Lund, and S.S. Guziy:
Optical Follow-Up of Gamma-Ray Bursts Observed by WATCH

J. Greiner, W. Wenzel, R. Hudec, E.I. Moskalenko, V. Metlov, N.S. Chernych, V.S. Getman, R. Ziener, K. Birkle, N. Bade, S.B. Tritton, G.J. Fishman, C. Kouveliotou, C.A. Meegan, W.S. Paciesas, and R.B. Wilson:
Simultaneous Optical/Gamma-Ray Observations of GRBs

R. Hudec and J. Soldán:
Gamma-Ray Bursts at Optical Wavelengths: First Optically Identified GRB?

R.M. Kippen, A. Connors, J. Macri, M. McConnell, J. Ryan, W. Collmar, J. Greiner, V. Schönfelder, M. Varendorff, G.J. Fishman, C. Meegan, C. Kouveliotou, B. McNamara, T. Harrison, W. Hermsen, L. Kuiper, K. Bennett, L. Hanlon, and C. Winkler:
First Results of the BATSE/COMPTEL/NMSU Rapid Burst Response Campaign

H.A. Krimm, R.K. Vanderspek, and G.R. Ricker:
Searches for Optical Counterparts of BATSE Gamma-Ray Bursts

P. Li, K. Hurley, G.J. Fishman, and C. Kouveliotou:
Stellar Flares and Gamma-Ray Bursts

B. McNamara, T. Harrison, and C. Williams:
X-Ray and Optical Observations of the COMPTEL Error Box for GRB910601

R. Vanderspek, H.A. Krimm, and G.R. Ricker:
The Search for Optical Transients with the Explosive Transient Camera

F.J. Vrba, D.H. Hartmann, and M.C. Jennings:
Results from the USNO Gamma-Ray Burst Optical Counterpart Search

F.J. Vrba, C.B. Luginbuhl, D.H. Hartmann, R. Hudec, F.H. Chaffee, C.B. Foltz, and K.C. Hurley:
Is a QSO the Source of OT050510, and is GRB910219 Related?

X-Ray Counterparts

M. Boër, J. Greiner, P. Kahabka, C. Motch, and W. Voges:
The X-Ray Survey of the Second Catalog Gamma-Ray Burst Error Boxes

M. Boër, J. Greiner, P. Kahabka, C. Motch, W. Voges, W. Sommer, K. Hurley, M. Niel, J. Laros, R. Klebesadel, C. Kouveliotou, G. Fishman, and T. Cline:
Recent and Small Gamma-Ray Bursts Error Boxes in the ROSAT All-Sky Survey

A. Kahn and H. Ögleman:
X-Ray Burst Rates from ROSAT

A. Yoshida, Y. Ogasaka, and T. Murakami:
An ASCA Attempt of GRB Observation in X-Ray Range

Very High Energy Counterpart Searchs

V. Connaughton, M. Chantell, A.C. Rovero, T. Whitaker, T.C. Weekes, C.W. Akerlof, D.I. Meyer, M.S. Schubnell, D.J. Fegan, S. Fennell, J. Hagan, N.A. Porter, M. Punch, J. Gaidos, G. Sembroski, C. Wilson, A.M. Hillas, J. Rose, M. West, A.D. Kerrick, P. Kwok, D.A. Lewis, R.C. Lamb, and G. Mohanty:
Searches for Bursts of TeV Gamma Rays on the Time-Scales of Seconds

D.M. DeMuth, M.L. Marshak, and G.L. Wagner:
Soudan 2 Muouns in Coincidence with BATSE Bursts

R. Schnee (Representing the CYGNUS Collaboration):
Search for Ultra High Energy Radiation from Gamma-Ray Bursts

Soft Gamma-Ray Repeaters---Counterparts

D.A. Frail and S.R. Kulkarni:
The Identification of a Supernova Remnant with a Soft Gamma Ray Repeater

T. Murakami, T. Sonobe, Y. Ogasaka, T. Aoki, A. Yoshida, and S.R. Kulkarni:
X-Ray Identification of SGR1806-20

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