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Author: BATSE Pulsar Team Date: December 11, 2001
Contact: Dr. Robert B. Wilson

BATSE Bright Source Report (Pulsed Sources)

List of Monitored Sources

A grid search over frequency for the following sources is performed every day using the BATSE DISCLA chl 1 data (20 - 50 keV).

Parameters relating to the search can be found by clicking on a source name.

RX J0059-713 4U0115+634 V 0332+53 GRO J1750-27
Cen X-3 1E 1048-593 1E 2259+586 4U 1626-67
2S 1553-542 XTE J1859+083 GS 0834-430 LMC X-4
GRO J 1944+26 (XTE J 1946+274) 2S 1417-624 GRO J1948+32 GS 1843+00
XTE J0111.2-7317 OAO 1657-415 EXO 2030+375 Cep X-4 (GS 2138+56)
GRO J1008-57 A0535+262 GX 1+4 GRO J2058+42
XTE J1858+034 Vela X-1 4U 1145-619 1E1145-614

A grid search is also performed on the sources listed below,
but at a reduced sensitivity, either due to periods
below the Nyquist limit of 2.048s, or periods greater than
about 300s (where background removal techniques also affect
source components)

GRO J1744-28 Her X-1 XTE J1543-568 4U 0728-25
A 1118-615 GPS 1722-363 4U 1907+097 4U 1538-52
GX 301-2 X Perseus